Saturday, October 17, 2015

My Love, My Lust, The Infomercial

Hello, my name is Mila and I love infomercials. All kinds too, be they about a miracle blender or an age defying skin care regimen or even a fish oil supplement. If it can make my life better, I’m listening. But my absolute favorite, the kind of infomercial that I love the most, is the all mighty exercise video infomercial. Some Saturday mornings I’ll scroll through my channels just searching for new exercise infomercials. And sadly, it doesn’t end there. Once I find one that catches my interest, I will watch it two to three times that day, and then several more times during the week. Within a week I’m obsessed with the product and believe that it will be the key to my happiness. I’m going to be thin, and healthy and gorgeous once I get my hands on it. My current obsession is PiYo. Maybe you’ve seen the ads, it is a combination of Pilates and yoga. Talk about speaking to me, those are two types of workouts that I actually enjoy. Did I mention that I have Pilates videos and have a whole cardio/yoga program that I bought a year ago (I had to have it after watching another infomercial, go figure)? But lusting or not, I have promised myself I won’t give into my infomercial lust, at least not yet. I have plenty of videos, many of them unviewed. PiYo has to wait until I’ve tried some of my other loves that I lost interest in once in my possession—I mean come on, actually doing the videos can be a dud. I’d much rather just fantasize about my after photo. So no new videos for me, but no one can stop me from trolling those channels looking for my next love.

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