Saturday, June 3, 2023

Loving Black Girl Magic

I'm too old for the Disney cartoons. As a matter of fact the only Disney movie I can remember seeing in the theater was Pete's Dragon (yes, I'm that old). So although I knew The Little Mermaid was popular and knew the song Under the Sea (who could escape it?), I had no desire to watch it. But then Disney cast Halle Bailey as Ariel and I was intrigued. Almost immediately there was backlash when people found out the beloved Little Mermaid was going to be black. My intrigue turned to resolution. I might not be the intended audience, I might not have had a desire to see the movie, but me and my boo were going to see it opening weekend to support. Come hell or high water. But yall, I loved it. I didn't know that The Little Mermaid was essentially a historical romance. Can you say my cup of tea. And Halle was so beautiful, sang so well and embodied the character perfectly. I was so proud of her as she thrust herself on that rock and sang her heart out, with all of her longing to know about the human world. I couldn't help but feel her black girl magic, it was powerful. Do yourself a favor and go check out Ariel and Prince Eric, everyone deserves to experience a little magic. Especially the black girl kind.