Sunday, December 5, 2021

A Few of My Favorite Things (The Christmas Music Edition)

I'm one of those grumpy people who doesn't want to listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. Except for this year. This year November hit and I was like, bring on White Christmas with a side of Last Christmas. And all of the other comforting songs that I need this year to make 2021 better. Oddly enough, I was today many years old when I realized that all of my favorite Christmas songs are about relationships. Celebrating relationships, longing for lovers and trying to seduce a hottie. What can I say, I really do love love, even subconsciously. Here's my list of (sort of) Christmas love songs. You know them and probably love them too.

1. Please Come Home for Christmas--It's a toss up between the Eagles and Bon Jovi versions. My absolute favorite Christmas song.

2. Baby It's Cold Outside--So so wrong, but so so right. Glee's version is hands down the sexiest version out there.

3. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)--Mariah's version is great, but this song belongs to Darlene Love.

4. This Christmas--The Christmas season doesn't officially start until I hear Donny Hathaway croon this song. It's everything.

5. River--My newest favorite Christmas song. It just breaks my heart to hear it. But then I have to hear it again. And again.