Monday, September 3, 2018

Tiny Dancer

Every author has a favorite part of the writing process. Some people love discovering the story as they write the first draft. Other writers love being able to edit that draft into the (almost) perfect story. My favorite part of writing is brainstorming who my characters are and learning their story. What makes them happy and get out of bed in the morning? Who do they fall in love with and why? I’ve also realized I love writing about dancers. My first novella featured tango dancing, Eli and Mia’s story has burlesque. In my current work in progress, Katiya is a belly dancer, and I’ve been rolling around a stripper story in my head for years. Recently, I’ve also been thinking about a ballerina, a tiny ballerina. Literally. I don’t know what her story is quite yet, who her hero is or even her name. But one day, after I’ve polished Katiya’s tale and given my stripper a happy ever after, my tiny dancer is going to have her chance to shine. And I can’t wait! If you write, what’s your favorite part of the process? Have you discovered any themes in your writing?