Monday, May 2, 2016

Gotta Love Royalty

I received my latest royalty statement from my publisher this week and I chuckled after reading it. “They might as well keep the money”, I’d mumbled to myself. Yes, it was that bad and for a moment I felt terrible. Luckily, it was only for a moment. I quickly remembered some things that immediately made me feel better. This was the first piece of work I’d sold and it has taught me a lot, and truthfully, I’m still learning. Until I made my first sale, I didn’t realize that being author is like being in a popularity contest. I now know I need to learn how to be more popular, aka learn how to market myself better and use social media effectively. So, I’m going to suck it up and learn. The royalty statement also reminded me of my friend Sarah’s words. She told me that I can only get better at selling books. I wouldn’t have balked at making the NY Times bestseller list my first time up at bat, but now I have the goal to sell even more books my second time around. And having a goal gives me a chance to focus on something other than the things I may or may not have gotten right. Thank you Sarah for those inspirational words! And of course, one day I’d love for my writing to pay for vacations and a vacation home. But the reality is I’ve already been paid enough for The Love She Wants. No check could be worth more than the feeling I had when I’d told my dying father that I’d sold my novella. That moment was priceless and even now I am warmed by that memory.
Royalty statements are one measure of success but they can also remind of us where we’ve come from and point us to where we want to be. Hopefully the royalty statements in your life remind you of the good and inspire you to do better!