Saturday, June 2, 2018

At Last

The royal wedding was two weeks ago and I still get a big grin on my face whenever I think about it. At last we have a black American princess (not counting Princess Tiana of course). Well, technically Meghan is biracial, and she’s now British royalty. But you know what I mean. I didn’t think she stood a chance at getting Harry to the finish line and yet, here she is, beaming from all of the news outlets, a princess. Well, technically she’s a duchess. But in my mind if you marry a prince, you’re a princess, titles be damned. In the end love prevailed, despite all the obstacles. Now bring on the couple’s little curly red headed princes and princesses.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Wherefore Art Thou Fabio?

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending an academic conference titled Researching the Romance at Bowling Green State University. There were many interesting presentations, but one of my favorites was called Wherefore Art Thou Fabio: 50 Years of Romance Cover Design. It should surprise no one that I’m a sucker for a good clinch cover (aka man clutching woman, both usually half naked). I should also mention that Fabio was my absolute favorite romance cover model. Keep in mind that this was before Fabio had become a caricature of himself. This was back in the 80’s/early 90’s when he was a nameless godlike man (I’m not kidding). So to say I was super pumped for the presentation is an understatement. While Fabio did feature in some of the covers shown, the presenter, Andrea J. Briggs from McDaniel University, didn’t focus on him. Instead her talk discussed how romance covers evolved and changed throughout the years. It was very interesting, even though I didn’t get a lot of Fabio. So with that in mind, I thought I’d share with you my absolute favorite romance cover. It’s from the book The Conqueror by Brenda Joyce, which is also one of my favorite romance novels. Do yourself a favor and pick up this incredibly non-feminist, non pc piece of work and revel in all of its glory. Extra points if you get the paperback with this cover. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Old Love

A few weeks ago I went to an Alan Jackson concert and near me was a couple that were probably in their 60's. From the moment the opening act hit the stage, they were standing up and dancing. Him behind her, his arms around her waist, her swaying to the music with her man. Every once in a while she'd turn around, throw her arms around him and they'd kiss. I could not keep my eyes off of them. In part because I was thinking they should get a room (they did leave for a moment and I'm thinking they found a dark corner :)) and in part because I was mesmerized by their love and passion. Old love, I hope to have it some day.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Sing Your Song

"I have spent my days stringing and unstringing my instrument while the song I came to sing remains unsung." Rabindranath Tagore

I have a friend who always reminds the folks in our writers' group that we mustn't die with our music inside. I need to take what she says to heart. My writer friend A. has lost her battle with cancer and to be honest it shocked me. A. was revved up about getting back to writing and taking control of her career. I hadn't seen her in forever but she came to a meeting in January and was welcomed with open arms. I was so happy to see her. Three weeks later, she was dead. Surely with some music inside. I can't control how much time I have on the planet, but I can do my best to sing my song while I have the chance.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Don't Free Me From Fifty

No lie, I’m super pumped about seeing Fifty Shades Freed. The first time I saw the commercial, my heart sped up and I felt such elation. How could I forget that it was Christian Grey time? Last year I couldn’t wait for my honey to get in the mood to see pic number two, so I went by myself. This time I’ve already declared that Saturday was dedicated to Fifty. I’ve already prepped her by renting Fifty Shades Darker last week (which I loved seeing for the second time). I’ll be a little sad once there are no more movies to experience, but like any good masochist, I’ll enjoy the sweet pain .

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Spur of the Moment

You may or may not know, but every New Year’s Eve the SyFy channel has a Twilight Zone marathon. I make it a habit to watch at least one episode, my favorite episode, Spur of the Moment. For those who haven’t seen this 50 year old classic, I’m going to give you a spoiler alert right now. Spur of the Moment is about 18 year old Anne who is torn between marrying the man her wealthy father has chosen or instead defy dear daddy and marry her childhood sweetheart. Well like any good romance writer (and reader) I rooted for true love and hoped Anne married her blond sweetheart—at least the first time I saw the episode. And she did. But like any good Twilight Zone, things aren’t what they seem. Poor Anne, despite marrying for love, has actually made the wrong decision and in middle age has lived to regret not marrying her father’s choice. In fact, she’s literally haunted by her younger self and even though time after time she tries to right her wrong, there’s nothing she can do and must live with her decision. Moral of the story, watch what you ask for, you may get it. Or, don’t marry for love, it might not be a good idea. Or even, don’t marry at all, you’ll be miserable. None of these morals should seemingly appeal to someone who loves to write and read about happily ever afters. Perhaps it’s not a moral but simply the poignancy of not being able to keep one’s younger self from making mistakes, that I love. In the end, the moral or why it appeals to me doesn’t matter, next New Year’s Eve I’ll search out my favorite Twilight Zone and watch as Anne makes the wrong decision again and foolishly chooses love.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

God, Sex and Hallmark Movies

Do you ever think God is trying to tell you something? I haven’t been putting the finishing touches to Eli and Mia’s story because I’ve been avoiding fixing the love scenes. Yeah, the sex is holding me up in my sexy story  I love love love reading sex scenes in books. Writing them, of course, is a whole other story. It’s like bathing with a swim suit on. You can get the job done, but not the way you’d want, at least not without a lot of work. So I’ve been doing everything except editing them, including watching a lot of Hallmark Christmas movies (they’re on 24/7). And I kid you not, as I’m typing this blog, the movie I’m watching is about a newbie romance writer who is scared to write and share her work. Which means she’s only ¾ the way done with her work in progress. Seriously. God is obviously trying to tell me something, so I’ve decided to listen this time. I suspect he’s been whispering to me for a while, but he’s finally decided to beat me over my stubborn head. As soon as I finish The Mistletoe Inn (it’s really good) I’m going to start tackling those sex scenes.