Sunday, April 7, 2024

Total Eclipse In My Life

I don't know if y'all have heard, but there's going to be a total eclipse tomorrow (April 8, 2024) and the path of totality goes right through my little town. I'm so excited, possibly because folks around here have been talking about it for over a year. School is out and everyone was given glasses (lest the school district be blamed for anything, I imagine) so I have no excuse to miss it. This is a once in a lifetime experience that is life changing (or so a TED talk has told me) and I'm ready for once in a lifetime experiences, especially as I've now entered into the last third of my life. I can't wait to be awed and inspired. Heck, maybe I'll get a book out of it :). If you're in the path of totality I hope tomorrow is life changing for you too. And if you're not in the path, here's a treat from Bonnie Tyler so you too can experience a total eclipse (of the heart).

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Hot Guy Appreciation Post

I'm plugging away at my work in progress and today I had to rewrite a sex scene. In my head my hero Ben is as hot as Jeremy Allen is in this picture. Just imagine this guy making out with a sexy, curvy, afro'd honey. Yeah, it's that hot. Enjoy the inspiration.

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Help Me Make It Through The Night aka I Love Tyler Childers Part II

As you know from my August post, I love Tyler Childers. In fact that love has only swelled since the late summer. He writes incredible songs, be they inclusive (Angel Band), political (Long Violent History) or romantic (Lady May). And with each experience I realize that he's such a breath of fresh air. The Grammy's are today and he's rightfully nominated for both his album Rustin' In The Rain and his song In Your Love. But he's also nominated for covering one of my favorite country songs Help Me Make It Through the Night. His rendtion is arguably the best I've heard. So, while I don't watch awards shows, I might just have to make an exception for Tyler. Do yourself a favor and take a listen to his spin on Kris Kristofferson's classic, you won't be sorry!

Saturday, January 6, 2024

I Love Having Written

My writers' group, Maumee Valley Romance Authors Inc., has decided to self-publish an anthology of Christmas stories for 2024. Yep, an entire year away. It has been nine years since I have published anything (Lord how time flies) so I'm determined to meet this deadline and finally publish my sophomore story. But yall, the first draft of our stories is due January first. And as I have been working on this story for the last three months, I've come to realize that like the old saying goes, I don't like writing, I like having written! Don't get me wrong, I adore creating characters and watching them fall in love. But making them do what they need to do to get there is painful. There are so many layers to creating a story and keeping all of the balls in the air is frankly exhausting. But I'm a writer (really a story teller at heart) so I will persevere. And I want to share my stories. So wish me luck as I wrestle with this story and stay tuned so you can see what I have written.

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Ruby Leigh Be Still My Heart

I don't watch singing competition shows, anymore. But my wife wanted to check out the Voice and I'm so happy she did. And I'm happy I happened to be in the room when she did. I stumbled upon Ruby Leigh and this amazing performance of Long Long Time, a song I didn't even know I needed in my life. She is amazing, her voice is amazing and this performance is amazing. I'm going to be listening to this singer for a long, long time. You should too.

Sunday, November 5, 2023

I'm 50 Y'all

While I don't appreciate aging, I am thrilled that I've had yet another birthday. I have a friend who frequently tells me not to get old. I always correct her and say oh, I am absolutely planning to get old. Because really, what is the alternative?. I just don't plan to act old or hopefully feel old. When I bellyached to my uncle that 50 was the beginning of the end, he corrected me. Instead, he said, it was possibly the end of the beginning. I'll take it. So I'm at the end of the beginning. That means I'm about to start the messy middle, that is, if my life were a romance novel. The part where the couple is getting to know each other, play cat and mouse and most importantly, fall in love (and have sex). You know, the good stuff. I'm looking forward to the good stuff. Viva the decade of 50.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Butches Are The Best

I am watching The Ultimatum:Queer Love purely because I wanted to see cute girls, well actually a cute girl. I was explaining to my wife that I didn't want to watch the show because I don't do dating shows.Too much drama, artificiality and cringe moments, no thanks. And then out popped a butch, straight out of central casting and I said sign me up. It's so rare for me to see butch women in television even in 2023 that I get excited when one crosses my path. I just adore butch women. I love the dichotomy of masculine and feminine all in one person, I love the short haircuts (usually), I love the swagger and I love the rebelliousness of showing up in the world how you want. Butch women rev my engine and I appreciate the show for allowing me the fun of drooling over some. If you like masc women, check out the show, just don't hate me for the drama.