Saturday, May 4, 2019


Today my romance writers' group hosted Love Is In The Air, an event bringing romance writers and readers together. Throughout the event my friends shared excerpts from their books. I was too chicken to read myself, so my friend Shay Lacy read a passage for me. Finding a clean passage from my novella The Love She Wants was a little challenging. Even after I chose it, I felt I needed to tone it down, just in case children or the someone very conservative came to the event. Well, Shay being Shay, read it with a lot of gusto and the heat in the tango scene shone through, which is definitely a testament to her reading skills! And, I got a thrill hearing from others how much they liked the scene and how sexy they found it. The event and the reaction to my piece has totally inspired me to finish editing my work in progress so that I can lend a little more heat to the world. And in honor of the inspiration I'm feeling, I thought I'd share one of the dancing scenes that always inspires me when I watch it. Ed and his love aren't doing a tango, but their connection is so strong it doesn't need to be. Hopefully their dance can inspire you too.