Sunday, January 1, 2017

You're My Obsession

I have a confession yall. I have become totally obsessed with perfume! This is a new obsession that was kicked off by a small gift of Opium from my aunt a little over a month ago. I got that little bottle in my hand and a switch just turned on. I needed more. At first I was consumed with finding vintage Opium, a scent I’ve loved since childhood. That search led me to perfume blogs (who knew that was a thing?) where writers lyrically wrote about scents, notes, noses and houses. Next came forums where enthusiasts have convinced me that I need certain bottles in my collection—thanks Fragrantica! I’m ashamed to say that Ebay has seen too much of me these last few weeks and I’m afraid to look at my next credit card statement. But I’ve realized that life is too short and I’ve decided I need to go through the next phase of life happily sniffing myself 