Saturday, November 2, 2019

We Belong Together

Although it's very cliched, my stories are inspired by all types of things and situations.This summer I went to Chicago to meet up with a bunch of my college friends. I had a fabulous long weekend with them, and after a while we began reminiscing about our classmates. And then we began spying on them via Facebook. Don't act surprised, you'd do it too. We landed on one classmates's page and my friend Aimee scrolled through her wedding pics. Ms. X just got married to another classmate, and get this, they'd found each other at our last reunion. Back then they ran in totally different circles but fast-forward twenty years and a hell of a lot more experience and they've fallen into each other's arms. Thus my new romance was born. It's all about Bailey and Sam, two women who were worlds apart in college who come back for their reunion and discover each other and love. I'm super excited to write this story and share it with you. Hopefully it will make you sigh as much as I sighed over my classmates' romance.