Sunday, October 1, 2023

Butches Are The Best

I am watching The Ultimatum:Queer Love purely because I wanted to see cute girls, well actually a cute girl. I was explaining to my wife that I didn't want to watch the show because I don't do dating shows.Too much drama, artificiality and cringe moments, no thanks. And then out popped a butch, straight out of central casting and I said sign me up. It's so rare for me to see butch women in television even in 2023 that I get excited when one crosses my path. I just adore butch women. I love the dichotomy of masculine and feminine all in one person, I love the short haircuts (usually), I love the swagger and I love the rebelliousness of showing up in the world how you want. Butch women rev my engine and I appreciate the show for allowing me the fun of drooling over some. If you like masc women, check out the show, just don't hate me for the drama.