Sunday, April 2, 2017

Love Those Tropes

Confession time, the beauty and the beast trope is my absolute favorite in romance(never mind that The Brave Little Tailor was my favorite fairy tale growing up, but that's for another blog post). There's something about a wounded hero and the heroine who's willing to look past the surface that just tugs at my heart. Plus the whole captive thing appeals to my kinky side :). Oddly enough, I haven't ever seen Disney's version of Beauty and the Beast--probably because I was grown by the time it was released and I'm only now indulging in cartoon movies(as a matter of fact my honey and I are watching Moana as I write this blog post). But despite missing the cartoon, I ran to the live action version, and of course I loved it. I loved the diverse cast, the gay overtones, the costumes, the singing, the... well everything. So if you haven't already, grab your boo, or a friend or a kid (it doesn't have to be yours)and indulge in a little unconditional love on the big screen.