Sunday, April 5, 2020

90 Day Fiance--True Love or True Lust?

I love the show 90 Day Fiance and have from day one. Okay there was one season where the couples were that painful to watch, so I didn't, mostly. It is a fabulous mix of hopeless romance and cynicism (sometimes the participants, most times the audience). At it's core it's like most romance novels. People, from all walks of life, throwing caution to the wind to find true romance. Did I mention the foreigners are usually good looking and from very depressed countries? Did I also mention most of the Americans are looking to find love in the arms of a hottie with an accent? And didn't I mention that I'm sometimes cynical about these relationships? And yet, in every season there is at least one couple that convinces me they should be together, language and cultural differences be damned. So it shouldn't surprise you that on my list of romances to write there is one about a solitary man who finds his true love on a foreign dating site. He's American, she Mexican (or maybe Ukrainian) and sparks are going to fly. Of course it will be a while until that book is written, so do yourself a favor and watch an episode or three of 90 Day Fiance. You'll either love it, or hate me :)