Saturday, March 6, 2021

I'm Here For The Rise of the Hot Asian Boy

I tend to avoid teen shows like the plague, except for Glee, Glee is amazing (well the first three seasons were at least). You can chalk it up to the fact that my teen years weren’t cute (both literally and figuratively). Or that I work in a high school, so teen angst is how I pay my bills. But since bootlegging Netflix, I’ve been watching more teen shows. And I’ve noticed something interesting, the rise of the hot Asian boy. In shows like Never Have I Ever and Ginny and Georgia and the movie Moxie, cute Asian boys have ruled. I love that teen Prince Charming doesn’t have to be blonde, blue eyed and white anymore. Instead he can be an ethnicity that, in my day, was not associated with hot. As a matter of fact Long Duck Dong from Sixteen Candles is the only Asian guy I can remember from my era’s teen movies. And hot he was not (though horrible stereotype he was). But times are changing luckily. I’m thrilled that the powers that be are re-imagining what’s desirable and Asian boys are now part of the hot equation. And I’m loving that.