Sunday, October 4, 2020

She Loves Me Like a Rock

Do you ever notice that moms are missing from romance novels? Many times dads are left off the page too, but it is the lack of a mother's love I notice most when reading a romance. I think it is because writers know if heroines had moms, their lives wouldn't be so empty, they'd have a home to go to when times are tough and there would be somebody to talk them out of those bad decisions they make. I've always said there's no one who loves you more than your mama. With that kind of love screaming off the page, it could be tough competition for romantic love. And since romance novels are about romantic love, them mamas have to go. So, although we are nowhere close to Mother's Day, kiss your mom for me. By staying out of romances, she's made the lives of all romance writers just a little bit easier!