Saturday, October 31, 2015

I heart Ghosties

I love Halloween. Not because it is my birthday or because people get super creative playing dress up or even because we come together as a community in an effort to rot the teeth of small children. Nah, those are just bonuses. I love Halloween and the Halloween season because of all the scary ghost stories on TV. Now, I’m not talking about fake ghost stories like the kind told ‘round a campfire that keeps you shivering in your tent instead of using the bathroom. No, I adore honest to God, real ghosts and the stories about them. That’s right, I believe in ghosts and am fascinated by their behavior. I love hearing about how they haunt houses and people. I love how they appear at night or right out in the daylight. I love how they spook and confuse folk. Maybe most of all, I love how they confirm my belief in life after death. Don’t get me wrong though, I am scared of ghosts and am afraid that I might one day see one in person. But that doesn’t stop me from relishing every ghoulish tale I see and hear. Maybe it is just in my blood. I am a Halloween baby after all.

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