Sunday, March 1, 2015

RIP Bertrice Small

My heart broke yesterday. I was visiting with a group of romance writer friends when someone informed me that Bertrice Small had passed away this week. I immediately went into denial. Bertrice couldn’t be dead, she was somewhere in an ivy covered tower, pounding away on a typewriter, producing another awesome bodice ripper (and I use that term lovingly). As a writer I know that vision is a little ridiculous (okay, a lot ridiculous) and yet it brings me joy to think of her that way.

Bertrice wrote great old school romance classics like Skye O’Malley, Adora, The Kadin and I loved her for it. I have so many great memories of curling up with one of her books and falling into another world. I learned so much from her, things my mother would have been appalled I knew about, like droit de seigneur, eunuchs, harem culture, the line of succession in the Ottoman Empire and so much more. Bertrice was an original and I already feel her absence from the world. Rest in peace Bertrice. May you forever be creating sexy romances for the angels—they need a little spice in their lives too J

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