Sunday, February 22, 2015

I'm In Love

I’m in love. No, not with my honey, though I do love her. I’m
in love with Ed Sheeran’s video Thinking Out Loud. I love the song too. I know what you’re thinking. Uhm, Mila, that video has been out for at least four months, what took you so long? Well to be
honest, I’m kinda old and can’t keep up with what’s going on in music. Most of the time I’m like ‘who the heck is singing now?’. I kid you not, I thought Hozier was Elton John. Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran has been on my periphery for a couple of years. I mean I knew he was besties with Taylor Swift, I knew he was a singer and I knew he looked like a Muppet. He was famous, but I just didn’t
know why.

Turns out I love his music. I didn’t know until a month ago the guy who sang the painful A Team
was the same surprisingly soulful dude who sang Don’t (and it took me forever to figure out the title of that song, thanks YouTube). Then it blew me away yet again that Ed sang and wrote Thinking Out Loud. It is my new favorite song.

Being kinda old, I don’t watch music videos like I used to, but I wanted to hear Thinking Out Loud
yesterday so I went to my beloved You Tube. That’s when I fell in love. Did I say Ed Sheeran looked like a Muppet? Well the man dances like a sexy mf. I mean, I knew he could sound sexy as hell because of Don’t, but when you marry his voice, lyrics and moves you have to stop and fan yourself a bit. Or at least I do every time I watch the video, and I do, a lot. It helps that the girl he’s dancing with is also sexy as hell and together they have great chemistry and make this perfect, romantic sensuous couple. Seriously, it is probably the most erotic thing I’ve seen in a long long time
(and yes, I did just see Fifty Shades of Grey last week).

So, if you’re in the mood for romance or want to feel that tingle of lust, but you only have five minutes, go check out Thinking Out Loud, you won’t regret it. I promise!

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