Saturday, February 3, 2024

Help Me Make It Through The Night aka I Love Tyler Childers Part II

As you know from my August post, I love Tyler Childers. In fact that love has only swelled since the late summer. He writes incredible songs, be they inclusive (Angel Band), political (Long Violent History) or romantic (Lady May). And with each experience I realize that he's such a breath of fresh air. The Grammy's are today and he's rightfully nominated for both his album Rustin' In The Rain and his song In Your Love. But he's also nominated for covering one of my favorite country songs Help Me Make It Through the Night. His rendtion is arguably the best I've heard. So, while I don't watch awards shows, I might just have to make an exception for Tyler. Do yourself a favor and take a listen to his spin on Kris Kristofferson's classic, you won't be sorry!

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