Sunday, August 6, 2023

In Your Love aka I Love Tyler Childers

For those who've read this blog about the things I love, you know that I love country music. It just speaks to my soul. But like many, I rarely listen to country radio because they aren't playing my kind of country. Unfortunately, that means that I rarely find new artists and I'll walk away from the genre for years at a time. I know, bad fan, very bad fan. I found Tyler Childers during the pandemic but then lost him. For some reason I didn't delve into his discography. I know, bad idea, really bad idea. And then he releases the incredibly romantic In Your Love last week and I'm hooked again. God that man is so good, both as a musician but also a person. There is nothing more attractive than a straight man of faith who is also an ally. Tyler is all of those things and more and I'm so impressed. With his politics and God yes, his music. I love country music, I love the song In Your Love, I love the queer video for In Your Love and most importantly, I love Tyler Childers and what he's doing for country music! If you haven't experienced his art, go down the rabbit hole of YouTube. You will not be disappointed.

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