Sunday, October 2, 2022

Crushin' On A Good Guy

It’s not a secret, when it comes to heroes, I love alphas. I love their power, I love their confidence and if they are the smartest man in the room, I love that even more. Alphas are known for their take charge attitude, and quite frankly, they are usually ass-holes and I love that too. Alphas are many things, but a good guy, they aint. When I write heroes, they are definitely The Alpha. So it surprised me when I found myself admitting to crushing on a good guy. You might know him, Dominick “Sonny” Carisi on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Carisi is tall and lanky with hair on the light side. Nothing like the typical beefy alpha with dark hair and brooding good looks. Sonny isn’t the best educated guy. He has a law degree, yes, but from night school as some of his more urbane opponents like to point out. Instead of money, he reeks of the working class with his accent and point of view. But I’ve slowly fallen for this guy, because he is a good guy, an underdog even. He loves his family, fights for them as much as he fights for justice. He loves a flawed woman and probably her children even more. Those morals he has obviously come from that working class Catholic background and yet instead of using his faith to judge, he shows compassion and is willing to see things from another perspective. Without a doubt Carisi has made his way into my heart. Viva the Good Guy, because sometimes he is oh so very very good.

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