Sunday, August 1, 2021

Love at First Sight?

You'd think that as a romance writer I would be a hopeless romantic. In fact I took a quiz from Psychology Today and I had a decent hopeless romantic score, 74 out of 100. And one of the questions got me thinking. It asked if I believed in love at first sight. And I do, in sweeping romance novels and heart warming movies. But in real life? Nah son. Love at first sight is the height of romantic ideals and finding your soulmate just by looking into their eyes, is a literal dream. But I don't think you can know the soul and worth of someone just from how well they fill out a shirt. To love someone truly, you have to know them as a person and not just as a sex object or even a love object. Which means I don't believe in throwing caution to the wind and swooning over love. I might write about it (sometimes)but in real life I can't sign up for it.

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