Sunday, February 7, 2021

The Vanishing Pile

Y'all know I love romance novels, right? I mean really love them. When I was newly out of college my roommate would make fun of me and call me cheap because I was haunting the library to find the books I loved instead of buying them. But let's face it, I was on a new graduate's budget and the library was my best friend. Things have changed, among them my salary, so now I can buy as many books as I want. And that's a problem. I buy waaaay too many. More than I can read, literally. At this moment I have at least 115 unread/partially read romances on my Kindle and 85 unread/partially read paperbacks.Yup, over 200 books. It started to get overwhelming because I knew I owned great books that weren't being read because a new shiny book was always getting published. Or maybe I was in the mood for a specific type of book so I'd go hunting on Amazon, never mind the fact that I might already own something to kill the craving. So I've decided to not buy any new books in 2021, instead I'm going to read what I own. I'm not even going to let myself borrow from the library. Shocking, I know. This is going to be a hardship, already I've been tested by a friend who invited me to join a book club. But it's going to be worth it. I get to read some amazing books this year, and I get to make room for the amazing books to come! So tell me, how many books do you have in your to be read pile? Is it as bad as mine? Even worse? Do tell!

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