Sunday, May 3, 2020

A Secret Love for My Darling Vivian

Social distancing has been great for watching tv without remorse. What else am I going to do,exercise? I don't think so. And this weekend I had the great pleasure of watching two documentaries that, at their core, explored love. My Darling Vivian is about Johnny Cash's first wife and the seemingly deep love they shared, well at least in the beginning of their marriage. Sadly his love was later transferred to June Carter, while Vivian's love lasted for the rest of her life. A Secret Love focused on love that had lasted for more than 60 years and survived oppression, disapproval and even old age. It warmed my heart to see that love can survive the years and be just as strong even when the object of your affection is wrinkled and grey haired. Both films touched my heart, and are wonderful. Don't sleep on them, they are definitely worth your time.

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