Thursday, October 10, 2019

Red Light District

This month's blog post comes to you from Amsterdam. I'm here vacationing with friends, enjoying the laid back European atmosphere. I have to confess that like many folks who come to this lovely city, I've made it a point to hang out in the Red Light District. And yes, I've gone to one of those shows. And yes, it is odd to watch people you don't know getting down, (though possibly less odd than if you knew them ?). While I was sitting in the theater watching people doing the do, I couldn't help but come up with ideas for romance novels--what would happen if you met a stranger in a club, what would happen if you worked in a sex club, what would happen if you were a stripper...? So even dens of iniquity can spark the imagination and tickle my romance bone. So what has recently tickled your romance bone? If nothing has, I suggest going to Amsterdam. And tell them Mila sent you.

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