Thursday, July 13, 2017

Better Late Than Never

So, do me a favor and pretend this is July 5. That's when I was supposed to write this post. Well, actually it was supposed to be posted on July 2, but then I decided to write about the Seattle fireworks. Unfortunately, I've been having technical difficulties for well over a week and haven't been able to access my blog--bummer, I know. And if you knew anything about me you'd know I'm terrible with technology. I'm still trying to figure out my smartphone (true story). But I digress, I'm still having trouble with the blog. Heck, I hope I can post this. Okay, so it's July 5 and I've just come back from watching Seattle's amazing fireworks. Thanks to my connections (ie my sister in law) I got an amazing view. I just love the boom and reverberation of fireworks and the feeling as if you're going to be singed by one of the flickering lights. Just the best thing ever! I was going to write more, but well, it is clearly not July 4 or the 5th or even the 11th, so I'll keep this short. I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer. See you next month (in like two weeks :) ).


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