Sunday, July 10, 2016

Love and Marriage

When you think of summer, you inevitably think of weddings. Or at least I do. And this past weekend I had the pleasure of attending my cousin Maria’s wedding. The groom was suitably nervous, wanting to get the show on the road. The groomsmen were both loving and lovingly teasing towards him. The bridesmaids were gorgeous, each in a different style of dress. But the bride, the bride yall, took my breath away with her beauty and happiness. She walked down the aisle to Stevie Wonder’s As (I’ll Be Loving You Always) and I was crying before I even caught a glimpse of her. Watching the couple laugh, cry and care for each other during the ceremony reminded me why I love writing romances so much. Real love does exist. It isn’t always pretty or perfect. Sometimes love is uncomfortable and not always fun. But it is also wonderful and means sharing your life with the person who means the world to you. Writing romance lets me rediscover and relive love all of the time. I’m in the editing stages of Mia and Eli’s story. Currently there is no wedding scene but I still get to experience a couple coming together despite their differences because of the love and passion they have for each other. And maybe, just maybe, there is a wedding waiting for Mia and Eli in the epilogue. Why, in my mind’s eye I can see Mia walking down the aisle to Stevie Wonder right now.


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