Sunday, December 13, 2015

My Favorite Contemporary Romances

A few posts ago I created a list of my ten favorite historical romances. Today I thought I’d share a list of my favorite contemporary romances. This list was definitely harder to create than the earlier one, probably because I’ve been reading historicals for almost 30 years compared to just 10 years for contemporaries. In no particular order, I bring you my favorite contemporary romances. • Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by E. L. James. Okay, this is actually my favorite one. What can I say, I’d love to have Christian Grey served up on a platter. Preferably naked and as neurotic as he wants to be. • Breaking the Silence by Katie Allen. I love me some alphas and anti-heroes. But the hero in this book is a sweet, hot beta boy that just steals your heart. • Josh and Hannah by Lynda Chance. I don’t read a lot of YA or NA but Lynda Chance writes one hell of a dominant alpha hero even if he’s still in high school. • Knight by Kristen Ashley. When you don’t want to read about a bad boy, but are craving a bad man, then Knight is the one for you. This might have been the first time I’ve ever had to question my morals because of a romance. Read it and see if you will too. • Twist Me trilogy by Anna Zaires. If you love a capture romance, if you love a sociopath for a hero and all kinds of violence then this one is for you. Trust me, you’ll love it (or hate it ) • Willing Victim by Cara McKenna—this one is an honorable mention. Unfortunately the book ends just when the romance really begins, but it is so hot, is about such a taboo topic and is written so well that I couldn’t help but add it to the list.

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