Monday, January 19, 2015

Another Resolution

I have another New Year’s resolution, for those keeping count, that now makes three. Yeah, I can’t believe I’m adding another one either, especially since I’m already struggling with the first two. Hopefully, resolution #3 will help with the others (who am I kidding).

So my new resolution is to stop buying romances for a year. What you say, stop buying books! I know, cray cray right? But I have more than 30 unread/partially read books on my Kindle, never mind the paperbacks on my bookshelf. I have got to catch up. And it isn’t like I have unread crappy books that I’m just not reading, heck no. I’ve got books about prison inmates (God I love books about prison inmates), a ton of BDSM books (God I love a good BDSM book, the operative word being good), some villains as heroes (God, there is nothing I love more than a villainous hero—I kid you not), some good ole lesbo stories (hmm) and, well you get the picture.

My problem is that I get The Craving. If you love books like I do, you understand. That craving to find something new, different and exciting hits and I HAVETO BUY A BOOK. These cravings typically come with the desire to read about a new villainous hero (told ya I wasn’t kidding). As a matter of fact, I’m fighting The Craving right now and the only thing that has kept me away from Amazon is the Rejected Princesses website (more on that another day).

It has to stop, and I have to finish the books I already own. They are good books, they have just been casualties of The Craving. My friend pointed out that my no more books resolution is everyone’s this year, which made me feel guilty. We’re abandoning authors, oh Lord. So to appease my conscience, I’m allowing myself to buy my author friends’ books (I have a lot of them), but they are going to the bottom of the pile. As usual, wish me luck J

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